be the best that you can be

Welcome to our Parents Page


School’s Vision
Our aim at St Mary's is to give every child the best possible education. We want our children to "be the best that they can be" We do this by providing opportunities both in school and outside school. We fully support parents being involved in their children's education and we aim to develop open and friendly relationships with our parents in school. By working together and developing the partnership between home and school we believe that we can enrich the quality of experience offered to our children.

Teaching & Learning
We believe that it is the mission of our teachers to plan and deliver a curriculum which teaches the gospel values of the Roman Catholic Church and which will enable our children to develop their full potential.
We are committed to achieving high standards for all our children and we see improving basic skills as the responsibility of all staff. Our Equal Opportunities Policy sets out our principles in relation to inclusion and equality for all. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for teachers to promote high standards of teaching and learning for all.  Through this framework we aim for excellence at all levels so that our children are provided with the quality of education they deserve.


  • To develop a community of learners where learning is valued, enjoyed, supportive and lifelong
  • To enable children to become  confident, resourceful, enquiring and independent learners
  • develop children’s self-respect and encourage children to respect the ideas, attitudes, values and feelings of others regardless of race and culture
  • To encourage children to take pride in their work and the work of others
  • Learning Culture
  • Feel safe – respect, value and support for each other as learners
  • Take risks
  • Recognise mistakes and errors as a learning opportunity
  • High expectations – learning behaviour, progress in learning, presentation etc
  • 'Can do' attitude
  • Adults establish positive working relationships with all children in the class
  • All adults model learning and expected behaviour for the children.
  • Children are treated fairly and with kindness and respect with encouragement, praise and rewards for all