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A Warm Welcome

I’d like to take this opportunity to offer a very warm welcome to our children, parents and families at St Mary’s. We are a genuinely caring and loving community, set in the heart of the beautiful Ribble Valley.
We have high aspirations for our children at St Mary’s. We aim for our children to succeed, and develop the skills needed to learn and support themselves and others in society, in a happy and nurturing environment. Our children work hard towards their next steps with the guidance and support of their teachers and their peers, as well as the Gospel Values, which are central to our journey at St Mary’s. It is with and through trust, compassion, kindness, honesty, forgiveness, tolerance and perseverance that we succeed personally and academically, to realise those aspirations. We know that we are all made up of our experiences, and our challenges become our strengths. We learn from our mistakes and use them to grow.
We are privileged to have such a fantastic community to work together on this journey for our children and for each other.
Please see our website for further details. Visitors are warmly welcomed!
Head teacher
Miss C.Boden



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Dates For Your Diary


Monday 18th June
Year 6 St Augustine’s Crossroads programme

Tuesday 19th June
New Reception children Intake Day

Wednesday 20th June
X-country event

Thursday 21st June
Netball event

Friday 22nd June
Non-uniform day Summer Fair – optional Wild West theme
Swimming gala

Saturday 23rd June
Summer Fair

Monday 25th June
Science Week

Wednesday 26th June
Year 6 Intake Day St Augustine’s

50-50 club winners

1st number 34
2nd number 66
3rd number 67
Children number 24